Google Now Settings

Google Now is a voice command / search assistant available on most Android powered devices. Depending on the make and model of the Android phone, Google Now may not be set as the phone's default voice command.


Before you can initiate Google Now on Navdy using the dial, you will need to ensure the following are in place:

1. Set Google Now as the phone's default voice command assistant (also known as the "Google" app)

    • Tip: If your Android phone comes pre-installed with another voice command application, the very first time you initiate voice command on the phone, the device will prompt you to choose between the Google app and the pre-installed voice command app to be set as default. Be sure to select Google Now as the default by choosing the option 'Always'.

2. Adjust Google Now settings, allowing Navdy's dial to initiate Google Now voice command while the phone's display is off:

    1. Open the Google app on the phone
    2. Select menu (the icon in the upper-left) > Settings > Voice > Hands-Free
    3. Turn on For wired headsets






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