How To Replace A Broken Or Scratched Lens

If your lens encounters cracks or scratches that reduce optical performance, please reach out to Navdy Support. If you don't feel comfortable replacing the lens yourself, support can fix it for you. Feel free to review the steps to install a replacement lens or review our installation guide below.

Uninstalling the existing lens:

  1. Flip the lens down so it's parallel with the Navdy base.
  2. Use the enclosed screwdriver to remove the 1.3 hex screw. Place the screw in a safe location because you'll need it later.
  3. Lift the cap off the joint.
  4. Remove the lens by sliding it upwards.



Installing the new lens:

  1. Slide the new lens into the joint so the dot on the base of the lens faces down.
  2. Place the cap on the joint.
  3. Insert the screw and tighten it with the enclosed screwdriver.




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