Bluetooth Connection Troubleshooting (Navdy Display)

The Navdy display connects to the dial and your phone via bluetooth. This works in a similar way to how you might connect a cordless mouse or keyboard to your laptop.

If your dial isn't connected to Navdy or is unresponsive, try these dial bluetooth troubleshooting tips.


Troubleshooting the Phone

  1. Make sure bluetooth is turned on in your phone's settings.
  2. Open the Navdy app on your phone and connect your Navdy app to Navdy.
  3. Disable and then enable bluetooth on your phone. Following this connect your Navdy app to Navdy.
  4. Take Navdy off of its mount to power it off. Then place Navdy back on the mount to power it on. Following this, attempt to connect the Navdy app on your phone with Navdy.
  5. Contact Navdy Support for further assistance if none of these help.


Note: Navdy doesn’t directly connect to your car’s stereo, navigation system, or other bluetooth car accessories. Your phone will need to connect to your car's stereo to play audio through the car's speakers.

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