Reading Glances from your iPhone® - iOS



Your phone calls, messages, and apps show on the display as glances. To see glances, you must toggle 'Allow Glances' on under the 'Glances' tab within your Navdy app.

You have three options to have glances appear on your display. By default, Navdy reads glances aloud to you. Selecting 'Show content only' has glances only appear as text on the display. Selecting 'Read aloud & show content' has glances appear as text and also reads them aloud to you.

You also have the ability to configure which driving glances are shown on the display. App Glances keep you connected to your favorite apps.

On the display glances show up on the right. If there is a message glance and you have the contact updated on your phone, you will see the name, number, and photo of the sender. You can reply to the message, read the message, or click done, which will delete it from the stack. You can rotate the dial or swipe left to go to the next message. When you reach the end of the list, you can delete and remove the messages from the stack.

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