Searching for a new destination - iOS



Tap on the search tab or click the search window to begin searching for a new destination in the Navdy app. To search for a new destination, type the address or name of a place. You can also search for an address associated with a contact.

When you type the name of a destination, Navdy will try to auto-complete your search term. For a full search, ensure that you click the search button in the bottom right corner of the keyboard.

When you tap the title of the address, you are brought to a page that shows you the location on the map and more details about this location. You can send the destination to your Navdy by tapping the blue button on the right or add it to your favorites by tapping the button with the star. To route to a destination in your search results, tap the send to Navdy button on the right. If connected to your display, the route will begin to calculate. If multiple routes are available you can select the route by tapping on the alternate route. If you are not connected to your display the destination will be sent the next time your phone automatically connects to your display.

To cancel an active trip, slide the active trip info to the left and click the red 'X.'

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