Navdy Installation: Installing Medium & Tall Mounts



To begin installation for the medium or tall mount, please clean your dashboard with the included cleaning towelettes.

First, remove the protective sheet from the suction base and then place the suction base in the center between your windshield and your steering wheel. Loosen the lower knob on the suction base and press it down on your dashboard. Hold the suction base firmly in place and apply downward pressure on the base with one hand. With your other hand, tighten the lower knob. Please note that you can remove and reapply the mount at any time in the future.

Loosen the upper knob on the suction base and insert the medium or tall stem and firmly tighten the upper knob. Slide the power puck end of the power cable into the mount until you hear a click. Ridges on the front of the mount and the bottom of the display fit together to keep the display in place. Place your Navdy display onto the mount by approaching it at an angle - magnets will help snap it into place.

Tilt the lens upward and remove the lens cover. Avoid touching the surface of the lens directly as fingerprints can affect display quality. Make sure to adjust the setup of your Navdy so that it's as perpendicular to your eyes as possible.

When adjusting the lens, ensure that the entire Navdy logo is centered and in focus within the lens, free of any obstruction. If there are obstructions visible in the lens, try moving the mount closer or further away from you on the dashboard. You can also try the tall mount if this doesn't provide a clear view through the lens.

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