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Look up places near you such as gas stations, parking garages, restaurants, and ATMs. To view and a list of categories to help you search quickly, tap on the Search bar from the start screen.


Favorite Places

Use the Navdy app to save places that you visit often as favorites. Your favorite places are visible on the Navdy Display so you can quickly and easily navigate to them. You can add and view your favorite places from the Favorites tab.

Navdy will also keep a list of places that you’ve recently visited so it’s faster to route to them if you haven't added them as a favorite place. To see your list of both previously visited places and navigate towards one, drag one finger from the bottom of Navdy’s home screen upwards.



Adding A Favorite Place

  1. Tap the Favorites tab
  2. Tap Places
  3. Tap Add Favorite Place
  4. Tap a Previous Destination or search by address or name
  5. Tap Home, Work, or Custom to designate this favorite place
  6. Tap Save

Tip: You can only have one home and one work destination in your list of favorite places. To add a second work or home address to your favorites, add a new favorite place and name accordingly.


Naming A Favorite Place

  1. Tap the Favorites tab
  2. Tap Edit
  3. Tap the place you’d like to name
  4. Tap Custom and type in a name
  5. Tap Save in the upper right corner


Deleting A Favorite Place

  1. Tap the Favorites tab
  2. Tap Edit
  3. Swipe left across the place you’d like to delete
  4. Tap the trash icon


Rearranging A Favorite Place

  1. Tap the Favorites tab
  2. Tap Edit
  3. Tap and hold the place you desire to alter
  4. While holding the icon drag the place to where you want it in the list


Active and Next Trips 

An active trip is the destination Navdy is currently routing you to.



Next Trip

Selecting a destination when your phone is not connected to Navdy will create a next trip. The next time your phone connects to Navdy, the next trip will automatically turn into an active trip, routing you to this destination.

Cancel a trip

When en route, use the Dial to cancel an active trip from the Navdy Display menu.

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