Managing Calls, Messages, & Notifications For iOS

The Navdy Display can show incoming calls, text messages, emails, and many other app notifications. From the Navdy App on your iPhone, you can select and choose what you’ll see on the Display while driving.




To enable Glances, first toggle 'Allow Glances' on.

Please note, turning this feature off will prevent all Glances from appearing on the Navdy Display. Next, decide how you'd like to personalize which Glances you see and/or hear while driving. You’ll have the following selections to choose from:

  • Read aloud only -The notification will be read to you, but won’t visually show on the Display
  • Show content only - The notification will show on the Display but won’t be read to you
  • Read aloud & show content - The notification will be read to you and will show on the Display

Driving Glances

You can select which notifications to receive while you're driving:

  • Calendar - Stay up to date with all your iPhone®'s calendar events and alerts
  • Fuel - If running low on fuel Navdy will notify you when it's a good time to pull over safely to fill up.
  • Now Playing - Keep the tunes from all your favorite music apps playing along at the control of the Dial.
  • Calls - Stay connected by allowing Navdy to notify you of all incoming calls and SMS messages.
  • Traffic - Reach your destination with the latest traffic reports on your route.

App Glances

App Glances will provide you with notifications from many popular Apps on your Navdy. Choose ones to select from the following:

  • Facebook
  • Messages
  • Facebook Messenger
  • WhatsApp
  • Twitter
  • Gmail
  • Hangouts
  • Mail

Notification Glances

Notification Glances consist of other applications installed on your iPhone. You can enable some or all apps listed in this area. To enable:

  1. Tap Notification Glances
  2. Toggle the desired apps' notifications on or off

Tip: Not all third party apps are compatible with Navdy’s Glances feature. They may or may not work even when enabled.


Enabling Gestures allows you to swipe through Glances with your hand to accept/reject calls or read through your messages.

Ensure Gestures are enabled by toggling 'Gestures' on via Settings > General.


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