Settings for Android™

The Settings tab allows you to adjust various aspects of the app and control how it functions with your Navdy Display.

To access the settings within the Navdy app on Android, simply tap the icon in the upper left hand corner.



Input and customize your information to personalize the drive with Navdy.

  • Edit Photo - Add or change your profile’s photo.
  • Name - Add or update your name, as shown and read back to you on Navdy.
  • Email - Add or update an email which will auto-fill when creating an in-app support ticket.




Add your vehicle information and locate the OBD-II port. Adjust the size of your Display UI.

  • Car Selector - Choose your vehicle's Make / Year / Model
  • OBD-II Port Locator - Shows the location of the OBD-II port in your vehicle once the car has been set within Car Selector
  • Auto On - The option to allow your Navdy Display to automatically power on
  • OBD Data - Turn this off to stop your Navdy from sending and receiving data from your car
  • Display UI Scaling - Adjust the Display UI to Normal or Compact, depending on your vehicle and seating position





Controls how Navdy uses your phone’s audio capabilities to communicate with you.

  • Test AudioPress this button to test audio playback through your audio source
  • Automatic - Use this for the best experience as Navdy will route audio automatically to your car's stereo. Choose this option only when you want voice navigation to override your car's stereo system.
  • Phone speaker/Line out/Bluetooth - This option will play audio via auxiliary cable connection (i.e. line out), or via Bluetooth when the phone is connected to a Bluetooth speaker (e.g. car’s stereo speaker, portable speaker, Bluetooth stereo headphones). If no audio output is connected or paired, audio will play directly through the phone’s speaker by default.
  • Phone speaker only - This option will play all audio output via your phone’s speaker.




  • Low / Normal / Loud - Select Navdy's app volume
  • Voice - Select a voice that are pre-installed in your phone’s operating system
  • Speech delay - Select the timeframe for a delay between when turn by turn directions are read back through your stereo
  • Welcome message - Plays audio welcoming message each time your phone successfully connects with your Navdy Display.
  • Turn by turn navigation - Provides you with directions / route suggestions as you drive.
  • Speed limit warnings - Notifies you each time you exceed the speed limit of the area where you’re driving in.




The Navdy app can sync with the calendars on your Android phone. When enabled, any upcoming events with a destination set within the location section of the calendar event will appear under Suggested Places.





Manage your navigation preferences from routing options to how traffic information updates.





  • Fastest route - Arrive with the least amount of time
  • Shortest route - Arrive with the least amount of distance travelled 
  • Auto Recalculate for Faster Routes - Select your preference for Navdy to reroute you to faster routes
  • Highways - Toggle on to ensure your routes include highways when possible
  • Toll Roads - Toggle off to ensure your routes don't include highways when possible
  • Ferries - Toggle off to ensure your routes don't include highways when possible
  • Tunnels - Toggle off to ensure your routes don't include tunnels
  • Unpaved Roads - Toggle off to ensure your routes don't include unpaved roads
  • Auto Trains - Toggle off to ensure your routes don't include train crossings


Navdy Display

This setting will show your Navdy Display and Navdy app version. You'll also be able to check for and update your Display's firmware from here.




  • Check For Update - Download the latest update when available
  • Download Beta Versions - Toggle on to get the latest improvements to Navdy



Adjust your general preferences from enabling / disabling Gestures, to limiting your phone's cellular data usage, to selecting the unit measurement for the Navdy Display.




  • Gestures - Toggle on to swipe through Glances with your hand, accept / reject calls, or read through your messages.

Tip: Tap on Learn More to learn how to use Gestures.

  • Smart suggestions - Enable this option to allow Navdy to suggest a destination to you, when the unit gets powered on
  • Limit Cellular Data -  Turn this on to disable automatic software updates and traffic data, limiting your cellular data use from Navdy
  • Kilometers - Toggle on to view kilometers on Navdy
  • Miles - Toggle on to view miles on Navdy



In-app support and guidance.

  • Help Center - Quickly access our Help Center to find informative articles that help answer some common questions about Navdy.
  • Installation Video - Review videos of the entire installation process and learn how to properly set up Navdy in your vehicle.
  • Guided Tour - A quick overview on how to use Navdy.
  • Contact Us - Have a question? Submit a support ticket to inform our Support Team on the issue you’re experiencing.



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