Managing Calls, Messages, & Notifications for Android™

The Navdy Display can show incoming calls, text messages, emails, and many other app notifications. From the Navdy App on your Android phone, you can select and choose what you’ll see on the Display while driving.



To enable Glances, first toggle 'Allow Glances' on.

Please note, turning this feature off will prevent all Glances from appearing on the Navdy Display. Next, decide how you'd like to personalize which Glances you see and/or hear while driving. You’ll have the following selections to choose from:

  • Read aloud only - The notification will be read to you, but won’t visually show on the Display
  • Show content only - The notification will show on the Display but won’t be read to you
  • Read aloud & Show content - The notification will be read to you and will show on the Display



Driving Glances

You can select what notifications to receive while you’re driving:

  • Calls - You’ll be shown incoming calls
  • Gas - If you’re running low on fuel, Navdy will let you know and show you an option to navigate to the closest gas station
  • Now Playing - Shows the music playing from the music app on your phone, along with media controls: previous track, play / pause, next track
  • Traffic - Reports traffic conditions ahead



App Glances

Navdy can also show you notifications from many of your favorite apps, including:  

  • Facebook
  • Gmail
  • Google Calendar
  • Hangouts
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Slack
  • Text/SMS
  • Twitter
  • WhatsApp



Notification Glances

Notification Glances consist of other applications installed on your Android phone that may be displayed on Navdy. You may enable the apps listed in this region. To enable, tap Notification Glances and allow a moment for a listing of all your apps to generate. Not all third party apps are compatible and may not work when enabled.

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