Traffic Information

Traffic Color Codes

While driving with Navdy, you'll see that streets around your current route will be color coded based on their traffic levels. Here's what colors you might see and what type of traffic they represent.


  • Blue - Current route
  • Grey - No traffic data
  • Green - Clear traffic
  • Orange - Moderate traffic
  • Red - Heavy traffic


Traffic Information Availability

We pull our traffic data directly from HERE maps and Navdy displays traffic information to you when you meet the following criteria:

  1. Navdy is connected to your phone
  2. Your phone's data network is available
  3. You are using Navdy in one of the countries below

It's important to note that traffic levels aren't available in every location worldwide. For more detail on the information that we're able to receive from HERE, please download the Traffic Coverage Tables attached to this article. If you're using Navdy in one of the highlighted countries but still aren't receiving traffic data, please contact Navdy support so that we can look into the matter with HERE maps directly.



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