Android™ App Features Overview





Use the Navdy app to search and enter addresses you want directions to. You can add the locations you visit often to your list of favorite places in the app so it’s quick and easy navigate using the Display.

  • Quick Search
  • Favorite Places
  • Favorite Contacts
  • Next Trip


Managing Calls, Messages, & Notifications

Manage incoming calls, messages, and notifications from your favorite applications via Glances while you drive.

  • Managing Glances


Connecting To Navdy

When your phone is paired with Navdy, the Display will show you status information about your connection.

  • Connecting
  • Connection Status



Adjust Navdy features from the app on your phone. This includes adding information to your profile, customizing your Display's size, audio settings, navigation preferences, and updating Navdy’s software.

Learn more about:

  • Profile
  • Car
  • Audio
  • Calendar
  • Navigation
  • Navdy Display
  • General
  • Support
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