Device Status Indicators

The Navdy Display will show you a range of status updates so you can stay connected and aware. Updates will show on the right side of the lens about:



A dot will appear on the right side of the Display when there's a notification that you haven't seen or haven't dismissed.


Disconnected Dial

Navdy will let you know if the Dial isn’t connected to the Display.

Dial and Display not connected? Here's how to connect the Dial to the Display.

Battery life

Navdy will notify you when the Dial battery is low or severely low.



Navdy will let you know the status of your phone if it’s: 

Not connected to the Display



Running low on battery or severely low on battery:



Not connected to the phone's data network: 


While not connected to the internet, Navdy isn't able to show information such as routing preferences or traffic delays.

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