Installation Troubleshooting

If you're having trouble installing Navdy we recommend taking a look at the instructions below to ensure a proper Navdy installation. 

Obstructions Within Lens

  • Adjust vehicle's steering wheel height so it's not blocking Navdy's lens.
  • Medium & Tall Mount - Adjust the mount's angle so no obstructions are visible within the lens.
  • Short Mount - Try using the Medium or Tall Mount to provide an alternate angle.
  • The Lens arrives with two protective stickers; one on the front and one on the rear. Make sure to remove these stickers at the very end of the installation process.

Mount Won't Adhere To Dashboard

  • Ensure your car's interior temperature is warmer than 50°F (10°C) for best results.
  • Clean your dashboard with an oil-free substance. Common dashboard cleaners include oils which leave a slippery residue. If the mount won't properly adhere to your dashboard, we suggest cleaning your dashboard with water and a little soap.
  • Ensure the adhesive on the mount's bottom is free of dirt and dust. Clean the suction base with water, wipe away dirt with your fingers, and then allow the adhesive bottom to air dry before adhering mount to dashboard. If your Short Mount's adhesive is no longer sticky please contact Navdy Support.
  • Medium & Tall Mount - Ensure you fully loosen the lower knob on the suction base before placing the mount on the dashboard and creating a suction grip by tightening its lower knob.

Locating the OBD-II Port

Navdy connects to and is powered by the vehicle's OBD-II Port. If you're unfamiliar with this port it may take some time to locate.

  • Locate your OBD-II port using CarMD.
  • Your vehicle's OBD-II port may be black, white, purple, red, or another color.
  • Your OBD-II Port may have a protective or latched cover.
  • Viewing and locating your OBD-II port may require placing your head near the vehicle's foot pedals and looking underneath the vehicle's dashboard.
  • Cars built before 1996 don't have an OBD-II port. Determine if your car has an OBD-II Port

Selecting & Positioning Mount

Depending on your vehicle's dashboard shape, your height, and your seated driving position, you may need to readjust Navdy's location so its lens rests within the Best Lens Position.

  • Navdy should be positioned directly in front of the driver, between the steering wheel and the vehicle's windshield.
  • Adjust your seating position, up/down or forwards/backwards, to improve Navdy's location relative to your driving posture.
  • Place the mount closer or further away from your seating position to obtain the Best Lens Position.
  • Taller drivers may need to use the Medium or Tall Mount (sold separately in the Mount Kit here) depending on their viewing angle of Navdy and the road ahead.

Fastening Cables

  • Ensure your car's interior temperature is warmer than 50°F (10°C) for best results.
  • Secure the cable behind the vehicle's weatherstripping to conceal it from your view and range of motion.
  • Clean the dashboard with water and a little soap prior to applying cable mounts and clips.
  • Ensure the cable is not wrapped around or obstructing your vehicle's steering wheel, driving controls, and/or foot pedals.
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