Why can't I make a purchase?

Contact Your Bank

Your credit card's issuing bank may be refuse unexpected purchases. This includes high priced products and first-time purchases. We recommend reaching out to your credit card provider and verbally authorizing your purchase with Navdy. Then, attempt your purchase once again.


Verify Payment Details

Ensure the following details are correctly entered when submitting your order:

  • Name on credit card
  • Billing Address
  • Expiration Date


Available Funds

Double-check your credit card's balance and ensure there is sufficient balance to purchase Navdy. If not, attempt your purchase with a different credit card.


Prepaid Credit Cards

Some prepaid credit cards limit online purchases or those made in USD. Ensure your prepaid credit card is active, has sufficient funds, and eligible for online transactions. Multiple credit card gift cards cannot be combined or used on a Navdy purchase.

Some prepaid cards add transaction fees to each purchase. Navdy is not responsible for these. Please ensure you have enough balance to cover the purchase price plus any transaction fee. Refer to your prepaid credit card's policies for further guidance.


Submit An Alternate Payment Method

Still unable to complete your purchase? Attempt your purchase with an alternate credit card, PayPal, or Affirm.

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