Android™ Bluetooth Connection Troubleshooting

If you’re having trouble connecting your phone to the Navdy Display, try these tips: 

Toggle Bluetooth On and Off

  • Toggle Bluetooth off and back on in your phone's settings. Then pair Navdy and your phone from the Navdy app.

Forget Bluetooth Devices

  1. Enter your Android phone’s Bluetooth settings
  2. Tap the Gear icon next to Navdy Display
  3. Tap Unpair
  4. Open the Navdy app and pair your phone with the Display

Learn more about how to configure and unpair a Bluetooth device on Android here. 

Reboot the Navdy Display

  1. Remove the Display from its mount and wait 3-5 seconds for the unit to turn off
  2. Place the Display back on the mount and power on the unit
  3. Pair the Display and your phone using the Navdy app

Pair from the Navdy Display

  1. With your phone’s Bluetooth on, use the Dial to enter the Settings on your Navdy Display
  2. Click the Dial's button > Main MenuSettingsConnect Phone
  3. Select your device / driver profile to pair the Display with your phone
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