Does Navdy work everywhere?

Global Navigation

Navdy works anywhere your phone works and its mapping data is powered by Google Maps and HERE Maps. As long as Google Maps and HERE Maps has mapping data about the region you’re in, Navdy will too.

Displayed Language

Currently, the Navdy app and display are only available in English. This includes all options in the menus and settings. Over time we'll support additional languages through software updates.

Non-English Notifications

Navdy supports unicode so non-English text messages, street names, and your phone’s notifications should display on Navdy in their original format. You can also change Navdy's settings so directions use the metric system.

Voice Control

Voice control is handled through your phone’s Siri® or Google Now program. If your phone currently supports voice dictation in a language other than English, via Siri® or Google Now, you should be able to use it with Navdy too.

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