Which mount should I choose?

Selecting a mount is an important step in the Navdy setup process. The mount will act as a base to secure Navdy to your dashboard. The number of mounts included with your Navdy depends on which packaging you purchased. In most cases, your Navdy will come with a short mount, which works in the vast majority of Navdy customer’s cars. If your car requires a medium or tall mount, they are available for purchase in the Mount Kit at our shop here.

If you purchased the Navdy Oversized Box, you will already have all three mounts (short, medium, and tall) designed to work with varying dashboard designs and each driver's seating position.


When selecting a Mount, take into account your dashboard's shape relative to your seated driving position. The mount you choose should allow for Navdy's lens to rest within the Best Lens Position. The Best Lens Position is the optimal location where the lens rests in front of the driver, within the road ahead, and free of obstructions. Please start with the Short Mount Guide and Medium & Tall Mount Guide (included in your Navdy box) to find the mount that suits you best.



Incorrect Lens Position

  • Your lens' position should not contain obstructions within the lens' view including the vehicle's hood, windshield wipers, and/or the body of the display. The Best Lens Position should also not require the body of Navdy to obstruct your view of the road.
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