You can read and reply to text messages using your Navdy Display. Supported message types include text messages, Apple Messages, Google Messages, and Google Hangouts.


Enabling messages on the Navdy Display.  

By default, messages and glances are disabled on the Navdy.  To enable them, go to the glances tab in the Navdy app, enable glances at the top, then enable messages in the app glances section.  You can choose how Navdy will read you the content of a message by selecting read aloud only, show content only, or read aloud and show content.



Reading new message

When you receive a new message, Navdy will show you a message glance.  You can read the message by swiping left, or by selecting read from the glance options.  If you have glances set to read aloud only, then Navdy will read you the message.  If you have glances configured to show content or read aloud and show content, then you will be presented with the text of the messages when you choose to  read it.  

Tip: You can quickly scroll to the next message when in the extended reading view by rotating the dial.



Replying to messages

You can reply to messages using the reply option.  This will open the reply picker, allowing you to choose whether to call, share location/trip, or send a message to the recipient.

If you select send a message, you will see a list of available replies.  You can customize this list in the Navdy app by going to Settings > Messaging


Dismissing messages

You can dismiss, or delete, individual messages by selecting dismiss from the glance options.  You can dismiss all of the glances by reading a glance, then scrolling until you see dismiss all glances.


Sending a message

You can send a message to a favorite or recent contact by going to Menu > Contacts or Menu > Contacts > Recent contacts and selecting a contact.  

Tip: For iPhone users, messages are sent using a messages are sent using a number other than your own.  The recipient of your message will see your name and message, and won’t be able to reply to the message.  They can however message you directly.  

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