How do I troubleshoot or report an issue with Navdy?

We've worked tirelessly to make Navdy great and we stand behind its quality. That being said, sometimes edge cases occur and we're here to help. If you experience something irregular or need to troubleshoot an issue we suggest following the guidelines below for a prompt resolution.


Incorrect Mapping Information

Offline maps are stored on your Navdy and are provided by our partner HERE maps. These maps are updated on a quarterly basis and we suggest updating your maps regularly. If you notice incorrect map information (i.e. streets missing, wrongly named locations, etc...) we first suggest you update your maps via these steps. If you notice the same inconsistency following the update please contact us at Navdy Support with a detailed description of the map location that's incorrect. We'll then file this update within HERE's reporting infrastructure for them to update with their next quarterly map update.


Routing Issue

If your routing isn't correct (i.e. inaccurate ETA, wrong road name, permanent closures, or it's not the fastest route) you can report the issue from your Navdy's display. Once reported a ticket will be created on our engineers' side and they'll log it with HERE. To report an issue please perform the steps found at the bottom of this article.


Technical Issue

If your Navdy isn't working properly it's best to perform the following steps:


Step 1: 

Make sure you're running the latest version of Navdy by performing these steps.


Step 2:

Ensure you're running the latest version of the Navdy app on your phone by installing any available update from your phone's iOS App Store or Google Play Store.


Step 3:

Send our team logs to evaluate. Sending us logs, and describing the issue you experienced, will help us get to the root of what you're experiencing and resolve it for you. To send logs: 

  1. Ensure Navdy is powered on and your phone is connected to Navdy
  2. Open the Navdy app and navigate to Settings > Support > Contact Us
  3. Select Send Logs as your problem type
  4. Fully describe what you experienced into the body of the ticket. Provide the approximate date and time that you encountered the issue as it will help us pinpoint the scenario in the logs.
  5. Submit your support ticket and we'll respond via email


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