Share Your Location Or Trip (Powered By Glympse)

Glympse is a safe and easy way to share your current location in real time with your Favorite Contacts & Recent Contacts from your Navdy without using your phone.

When you share your location or trip to your friends or family the recipient will receive a text message on their smartphone with a canned response of your choosing along with a link to view your current location or trip.


How does it work?

If you're navigating to a destination with Navdy, sharing a trip to the recipient will show them your trip details, ETA, and the speed you're traveling at. If you're not navigating with Navdy, sending a Glympse will simply share your current location with the recipient.


How to send a Glympse:

  1. Tap the dial to open Navdy's Menu
  2. Select Contacts > choose the recipient from your Recent or Favorite Contacts list
  3. Select Share Trip / Share Location
  4. Select a canned response and a SMS will be sent to the contact


Available canned messages when sharing your location via Glympse:

  • "On my way."
  • "I am driving."
  • "Running late."
  • "I'm here."
  • No message




Why does the recipient receive the Shared trip/location SMS from an unknown number and can I change this?

This phone number is generated from a Twilio server and unfortunately cannot be customized.

Why am I not receiving texts that are sent back to the number my Shared trip/location was sent from?

Users that receive your Shared trip or location cannot respond to that phone number by SMS, they must respond via a separate SMS or iMessage thread generated by your cell phone number.

Can I set myself to be the sender for the SMS that Share my location or trip?

No. However, while you cannot set yourself as the sender for the SMS, the message viewer in the SMS thread will show your name (and photo if you added one) that you've set within the profile of your Navdy app profile setting.

How long will my Shared trip or location stay active?

60 minutes.

What happens if I stop and turn off my car and Navdy to get gas?

Your Shared trip will continue to show your last known location before you turned of your Navdy. If you return to your car before the 60 minutes is up then the recipient's map will update your newly broadcasted GPS position. 

What happens if I start a trip, share a trip, then change my destination?

The link that was sent by your Navdy will update every minute to represent your latest route, ETA, and destination.

What happens if I share a location then start a trip, will the recipient on that of the Shared location see my trip?

No. A Shared a location will not display your route, ETA, or destination. You will need to share your trip.

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