Navdy Version 1.1 FAQs


Q: Can I use Waze with Navdy?

A: A few of you have asked about and requested an integration with Waze. We would like to inform you that we have applied to the Waze Transport SDK beta program. Unfortunately we were not accepted into the program. Waze has informed us that the program is currently in closed beta and they are opening up to the public slowly. Navdy is eager to provide support for Waze when the capability is available to us. We will be sure to keep you in the loop with any updates.


Place Search

Q: How is the Place Search feature able to hear my voice?

A: When your phone is connected to your car using bluetooth, Navdy captures your voice using the your car’s built in microphone. If your phone isn’t paired to your car over bluetooth, or if you’ve set your audio settings to only use your iPhone speaker, then Place search will listen through your phone’s built-in microphone. You can see tell which microphone Navdy is listening through by whether the Place search icon is displaying a Bluetooth icon or a phone icon.

Q: Can I use Siri or Google Now to search for destinations on Navdy?

A: Currently the only way to speak a destination and have the navigation route sent to Navdy is by using Navdy’s Place Search feature. Siri or Google now can be used to perform a variety of other functions, but when asked to navigate to a location, they will open routing apps from either Apple or Google.


Q: Can I speak to Place Search in a language that isn’t English?

A: No, Place search using voice is currently only supported for English language commands.


Q: Why did I get an error when trying Place Search using my voice?

A: If you are experiencing errors using Place Search with your voice, please visit the support page for iOS and Android with tips on initial setup and troubleshooting.  


Vertical Menu

Q: How do I close a menu in the new vertical menu system?

A: To close any menu in the new vertical menu system, quickly scroll your dial upwards to reveal a “Close” option. Tap it to close out any menu.  


Q: Can I revert back to horizontal menus?

A: If you choose to update to Navdy version 1.1, unfortunately there is no way to revert back to horizontal style menus.



Q: Can I browse my Spotify, Pandora, or Google Play Music app content directly from the Navdy display?

A: Browsing streamable music from Spotify, Pandora, or Google Play Music is currently not supported on Navdy. To make music available to browse on your display, on iOS you must either transfer music from iTunes directly onto your iPhone’s memory, or add save content from Apple Music into your Apple Music Library. See more details here.

On Android, to make music available to browse on your display, you must transfer the content directly from a computer onto your phone’s local memory. See more details on transferring music here.

The team at Navdy is working towards enabling more streaming music apps in the future. We will notify our users as they become available.


Q: How do I quickly access music control?

A: To quickly open the music control glance, simply double-tap your dial. If you want to quickly jump into the music menu, tap the musical note icon on the bottom left of the music control glance.


Q: How do I shuffle through music on my phone?

A: To find shuffle play, navigate on your display to the Playlist, Album, or Artist queue that you would like to play. Then, tap “Shuffle Play” to turn shuffle on.  To turn shuffle off, tap the the same list item again.  


Q: How do I find alternative routes from my Navdy Display?

A: Once you start a trip to your desired destination, if alternative routes are available, you will quickly see a new glance appear on the right side of the screen. If you choose “Go” you will be taken on the fastest route Navdy found. If you tap “View” you can see alternative routes on a map, and select your preferred one by tapping the Dial.  


Q: How can I minimize Navdy’s use of my phone’s cellular data plan?

A: If you’d like to minimize the amount of cellular data used by Navdy, you can go to the Navdy app, tap the “Settings” tab, then tap “General.” Find the toggle for “Limit Cellular Data” and switch it on. Note that when this switch is on, automatic software updates and traffic data will be disabled.



Q: How do I update my Dial?

A: Once your Display is running the latest software, open the main menu by tapping the dial once, then scroll to “Settings.” Scroll to “Update dial,” then tap “Install” and wait about 3 minutes until the progress bar completes. Do not remove power from the Navdy while the dial update is in progress



Q: Are there changes to the way gestures work?
A: No. The Navdy 1.1 release did not change anything about the ways gestures work.  

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