Place Search Using Voice On Android

Navdy lets you search for any destination just by speaking to your phone. To try it out, complete the initial setup instructions, navigate to Place Search in the main menu, tap the dial, and then speak your command to your phone.


Initial Setup Instructions

  1. Make sure you are using the the latest Navdy app and Navdy display versions.  See here for instructions on upgrading.
  2. Ensure you have allowed microphone permissions by navigating to Settings > Apps > Navdy > Permissions and make sure Microphone is toggled on.  


Performing Place Search Using Your Voice

  1. Ensure the volume on your phone and car is at an audible level.  
  2. Tap your Dial once to enter the Main Menu.
  3. Tap on the first item, “Place Search”
  4. Wait until the microphone message lights up blue and says “Speak now.”  You will also hear a “ding” sound when your display enters this state.
  5. Speak your command to your phone.  You can search for street addresses, names of places, favorite places, and contacts. Try saying things like:
    • “Coffee shops”
    • “Gas stations nearby”
    • “Take me to work”
    • “Take me home”
    • “Take me to the gym”
  6. If your search returns multiple results, you will see a glance appear that you can tap to view them in a list and on a map before selecting your preferred destination.



If you hear: Troubleshooting Steps:
“Sorry I didn’t get that”
  1. Try your command again
  2. If possible, reduce any background noise in your car environment. Helpful things to try include making sure all your windows are rolled up, that the car's ventilation system and fans aren't loud, and trying to reduce any secondary conversation happening in your car.
“Sorry, the internet appears to be unavailable right now”
  1. Check and make sure that your phone is not in airplane mode, and that you have any active internet connection
  2. Try your command again
 "Sorry, place search is not available right now"

It means that Google’s speech recognition services is temporarily not responding.

  1. Simply retry your command
Navdy is not recognizing the first part of your voice command
  1. Adjust the speech delay within the Navdy app by going to Settings > Audio > Speech Delay 
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