Navdy Display Settings

Accessing The Settings

Within the Settings on your display you can adjust how your display interacts with the driver during trips. To access Navdy's Settings:

  1. Tap the dial to enter the Main Menu
  2. Scroll your dial clockwise and select Settings


Navdy's Settings

Within Navdy's Settings you can make the following adjustments:


Setting: Description:
Brightness Adjust the brightness of your Navdy
Connect Phone Connect your phone or another phone to Navdy
Learning Gestures Learn how to use gestures
Update Display Update your Navdy when an update is available
Update Dial Update your Dial's software when an update is available
Shutdown Turn Navdy off
System Info View the system details for your Navdy
Factory Reset Return your Navdy to its factory settings. Doing so will require you to pair your dial and phone with Navdy again. Be sure to forget any instance of Navdy within your phone's bluetooth settings when performing a factory reset.


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