Multiple Drivers On Navdy

Adding Drivers

Navdy can be used by multiple drivers, however, only one phone can be connected to Navdy at a time. When Navdy powers on it will look for the driver it last connected to. Then, it will ask which driver to connect to.

To add a new driver, navigate to the Connect Phone in Navdy's settings:

  1. Tap the Dial to enter the Menu
  2. Select Connect Phone
  3. Scroll the dial counter-clockwise and select Add Driver 


Switching Drivers

Sometimes you may want to manually switch drivers. For example, if Navdy is connected to someone else's phone but you're driving, you'll want to manually connect Navdy to your phone. To do this:

  1. Tap the dial to enter the Menu
  2. Rotate the Dial clockwise and tap on Settings
  3. Rotate the dial clockwise and tap on Connect Phone
  4. Select the driver if they've already paired with Navdy or select Add Driver to add them

Tip: Ensure bluetooth is enabled in the desired phone's settings to connect to the Display.

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