Navdy Display Features Overview


Navdy displays turn-by-turn navigation on the lens in front of you.


While driving, Map options allow you to:

  • Enable or disable traffic levels
  • Turn on or off turn-by-turn instructions
  • Select manual or automatic zoom
  • End your trip


Music Control


Navdy works with the music apps on your phone so you can play, skip, and pause music without ever taking your eyes off of the road.


Voice Control


Utilize Place Search on iOS or Android to search for and route to a destination on your Navdy. Initiate Siri or Google Now to place a call, send a message, or ask a question.


Phone Calls & Notifications

Your phone calls and messages will show on the Navdy Display so you can read them while keeping your attention on the road.



Gesture Control

Accept and decline calls with the swipe of a hand.




When Glances is enabled, it will show information from your phone to your Navdy Display related to:

  • Calls
  • Messages
  • Music
  • Siri® or Google Now
  • Traffic updates
  • Temperature warnings
  • Dial notifications


Dash Mode


Navdy Dash will show information similar to your car's instrument panel in your line of sight on Navdy's display. The information Navdy can show ranges from fuel economy, fuel level, RPM, mileage, and even a compass view.



In the Navdy app you can save the destinations you visit most often to mark them as favorites. Once a place is saved, it's quick and easy to get directions to that location while you're driving.

It's important to note that Navdy also stores destinations that you've previously navigated to but haven't added as a favorite. You can access these using the dial under Places to quickly begin navigation.


Favorite & Recent Contacts

Call your friends and family from Navdy without unlocking or viewing your phone. You can also use Navdy to quickly call people you were recently in touch with.


Brightness Control

Manually adjust the brightness of the Display or enable auto-brightness so that Navdy is always set up to suit your needs.

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