Navdy Display Features Overview

Navigation with Navdy



Map mode presents the road ahead.  You can rotate the dial right and left to zoom in and out.  You’ll see streets and street names, as well as real-time traffic, red-light and speed cameras and traffic incidents.  If you’re on a trip you’ll see the current route and a pin for your destination.

To keep you informed you’ll also see your speed, the current speed limit and the estimated arrival time (ETA) for your trip.  Learn more


Starting a trip

There are a number of ways to start a trip with Navdy.  You can navigate to a favorite or recent place by going to Menu > Places, and selecting a destination. Learn more


You can also search for new places right from the Display.  Use your voice to search for a destination by going to Menu > Place search.  It will listen for a destination, then show you a list of results.  Select a result and you’re on your way.  This is also a great way to head home, simply say “Take me home”.  Learn more


Search for driving destinations like gas, parking, ATMs, coffee and more by using nearby places.  Simply go to Menu > Places > Nearby places and select an item.  Navdy will search for place nearby and show you a list on the map. Learn more


Use the Navdy app on your phone to search for new destinations, see recent destinations and manage and save favorites.   You can even start a trip on your phone when you’re not in the car, and it will start automatically when your phone connects to the Navdy Display.  

Learn more - iOS
Learn more - Android


Picking a route - Once you start a trip, Navdy will automatically calculate the fastest route based on current  traffic.  If more than one route is available you will see a route update which will list all of the routes.  Simply select the route you’d like and you’re on your way.  


Turn-by-turn directions - When you’re on a trip, Navdy will display the turn-by-turn directions at the bottom of map and dash modes.  Each maneuver contains the distance, the maneuver you should make, and street name or description.  If another turn should be made immediately after it, you will see it indicated too.  If you miss a turn, Navdy will automatically reroute and show you updated directions.  Learn more

Active trip - You can open the active trip activity to see the destination and details about the current trip, options, and the upcoming directions.  Learn more




Dash mode keeps you informed with information from your car, your phone, and your trip, presented in gauges that you can customize.  Rotate the wheel left and right and you will scroll through different side gauges for things like fuel level, compass, trip progress, speed limit, now playing, drive score, G-force, calendar, etc.  Turn-by-turn directions will be shown at the bottom of Dash mode if you’re on a trip.


You can customize which side scrolls, customize the center gauge style, and choose which gauges are shown in Menu > Dash options.  Learn more




Navdy helps you stay connected by controlling calls, viewing messages and notifications with Glances, and by activating Siri or Google Now.  



Answering, ignoring, and ending calls

You can answer calls by selecting answer, or by swiping left when an incoming call is shown.  You'll see the caller, their phone number, and their icon or photo.  While on the call, you can choose to mute (iOS only) or end the call.  Learn more




If you’d like to contact someone, you can find your favorite contacts by going to Menu > Contacts.  Select a contact and choose if you’d like to call, share your trip, or send a message.  Calls will use the hands-free microphone system in your car (if available) or the phone’s speaker.  Learn more

Message options are chosen from a default list of quick messages that can be customized in the Navdy app in Settings > Messages.  Learn more

You can share your location or trip, which will send the recipient a link they can open on their phone to see your location, destination and ETA.  Learn more



Navdy shows you messages and notifications from your phone using Glances, which appear on the right side of the Display.  When a glance comes in it will show you who it’s from and give you options to read, reply, or dismiss them.  You can read Glances by selecting read, or by swiping left.  Navdy will show or read the content to you based on your preference in the Glances section of the Navdy app. Learn more



Navdy gives you control of the music you play from your phone.  The now playing glance will open each time the track changes, or you can double tap the dial button to open it.  You can play, pause, skip,fast forward and rewind tracks.  Learn more

You can also browse your Apple Music library (iOS) or local music files (Android) by going to Menu > Music.  Music is organized into lists of artists, albums, playlists, and podcasts.  

Learn more - iOS
Learn more - Android 


Device Status Indicators

If your phone or dial aren’t connected to the Navdy Display or their batteries or signals are low, you will see a status indicator in the lower right of the Display. Learn more


Most of the settings for your Navdy Display are controlled using the Navdy app on your phone.  You can control how navigation works, if and which glances are shown while you drive, the size of the UI and more.

There are some settings that you can control directly on the Display.  Menu > Map options and Menu > Dash options allow you to configure map or dash mode.  
Learn - Map options
Learn - Dash 

You can view your trip and change trip settings using Menu > Active trip. Learn more

To adjust brightness, connect to a phone and update the Display software go to Menu > Settings. Learn more

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