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Dash mode keeps you informed with information from your car, your phone and your trip, presented in gauges that you can customize. Navdy connects to your car's on-board diagnostics port (OBD-II). This connection is how Navdy gets power and information like speed, fuel level, RPM and mileage from your car, and all cars sold since 1996 should have this port.  

Note: The information available to Navdy through the OBD-II port varies depending on the make and model and year of your car and on what the manufacturer makes available through the OBD-II port.


Dash mode displays a large center gauge and two side gauges.  Rotate the wheel left and right to scroll through different side gauges for things like fuel level, compass, trip progress, speed limit, now playing, drive score, g-force, calendar, etc.  


Center gauges




The speedometer features a large numeric speed display in the center of the gauge. The speed limit is indicated by a small tick mark in the graph which is also labelled.  

If you exceed the speed limit (if known) you'll see the graph change to blue. If you exceed the speed limit significantly (by 8 or more mph) it will change to yellow.

Tip: Your vehicle's indicated speed on the speedometer may not be identical to Navdy's as some vehicle manufacturers intentionally overstate their current speed.




The tachometer shows both RPM and the speed of your vehicle. The graph on the tachometer shows current RPM (x1000) and it changes from white to red if you over 7000 RPM. Your current speed is indicated numerically in the center of the gauge and you will see a message if you’re exceeding the speed limit.


You can customize the primary gauge by going to Menu > Dash options > Select center gauge.


Side gauges

Dash mode has a variety of smaller side gauges that you can view to stay informed while driving.  



Fuel Level

The fuel level gauge shows your car’s current fuel level.  Changes to blue at ¼ tank, and to yellow at ⅛ tank.

Note: The fuel gauge is not available in all cars, and only reports gasoline/diesel levels, not charge level for electric vehicles.


Engine temperature


The engine temp gauges shows the current engine temperature numerically and with a graph.

Drive score

The drive score gauge gives you feedback about your driving habits.  Each trip starts with a score of 100, and we hope you’ll keep it there.  Speeding, excessive speeding, hard braking, hard accelerating, and cornering too quickly will all affect your score.  



The g-force gauge shows real-time feedback about your acceleration, cornering, and braking.   Your current g-force is displayed numerically in the center of the gauge, and the direction of the force is shown with the graph if it is greater than 0.45 G. The color changes from blue to yellow and red as the G force strength increases.



The compass shows you which direction you’re facing



The trip gauge shows you trip progress if you’re on an active trip, or trip details for the current drive.


Speed limit

The speed limit gauge shows you the current speed limit.


Analog Clock

The analog clock shows the current time and date


Digital Clock

The digital clock shows the current time


Day Clock

The day clock shows the current time, date, and day



The calendar gauge shows your next appointment


Now playing

The now playing gauge shows the current track and artist, along with the album art


Empty (blank)

Allows you to keep an area free from clutter.



Customize the gauges in dash mode

You can customize which side gauge scrolls by going to Menu > Dash options > Scroll left/right gauge.

You can choose which gauges are shown by going to Menu > Dash options > Customize gauges.


Turn-by-turn directions

Turn-by-turn directions will be shown at the bottom of Dash mode if you’re on a trip.  If you’re not on a trip, it’ll show you the current road.




Navdy Dash Options

Once Dash is visible on Navdy you can customize what's displayed there. You can change each side by scrolling through gauges via the Dash Options.

Dash Option: Description: Displayed As:
Scroll Right Gauge Select and modify the right gauge in Dash mode Scroll_Right_Gauge.jpg
Scroll Left Gauge Select and modify the left gauge in Dash mode Scroll_Left_Gauge.jpg



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