What's in the menu

The menu on your Navdy Display provides easy access to all of Navdy's features:



Using the menu

Tap the Dial button to open the menu when in map or dash mode.  Scroll the dial to move through the menu, and tap the dial to select an option.

When you’re in a sub menu, like places, you can scroll up and select back to go back to the menu.

To exit the menu from any list, scroll to the top and select close, or use gestures and swipe right.




Activity tray

At the top of the menu you will see the activity tray.  It shows current activities and let’s you see options for Map and Dash mode, update the display (when not on a trip), control music, view glances, view the active trip details, and get back to an active call.

  • Map / Dash options
  • Software update (if not on a trip)
  • Now playing (if music playing)
  • Glances
  • Active trip (if navigating)
  • Call control (if on a call)


Tip: Activities only show up in the activity tray if they are active.  So you won't see trip options unless you're on a trip, or music if you're not playing music.

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