When enabled, Glances shows notifications from your phone on the Display so you can stay connected while keeping your eyes on the road. Without taking your hands off of the steering wheel, you can accept or dismiss chosen notifications.

Enable Glances from your phone's Navdy app to view them on the Display. 



Call Notifications

When someone calls you'll see the caller's details on the Display. You can answer or ignore the call, and if you're speaking with someone you can mute or end the call. Here's how it looks:

Notification Action Glance
Answer or Ignore Call Incoming_Call_Glance.jpg
Mute or End Call Active_Call_-_Glance.jpg
Call Ended Call_Ended_-_Glance.jpg


Caller Identification information is populated from your phone's contact details. When someone unknown or unlisted calls you, Navdy will present their entire phone number. 


Message Notifications

Navdy will display and read back messages while your eyes stay on the road ahead. You can read a message, dismiss it, or call the contact back. Here's how:

Notification Action Glance
Call, Read, or Done Call__Read_Done.jpg
Back Back_Glance.jpg 

Glances will continue to show on the Display until you dismiss them.


Music Notifications

Glances allows you to play, pause, skip, fast forward, rewind, replay your music. Or, you can access your music library from within a Glance.



Learn how to control Music from Navdy.


Traffic Notifications

When your phone is connected to the internet, live traffic updates will show on Navdy. They include:

Traffic Notification Glance
Faster Route Faster_Route_Glance.jpg
Traffic Updates Traffice_Update_Glance.jpg
Slow Traffic Slow_Traffic_Glance.jpg

These alerts will be color coded when on a current route.


Dial Notifications

The status of your Dial will show on your Display, including:

Dial Notification Glance
Connected Dial_Connected_Glance.jpg
Disconnected Dial_Disconnected_Glance.jpg
Very Low Battery Very_Low_Battery_Glance.jpg


Driver Notifications

Navdy will confirm who's phone it's connected to and driving.

Driver Notification Glance
Connected Connected_Glance.jpg
Disconnected Disconnected_Glance.jpg


Phone Battery Notifications

When your phone's battery is running low you'll see these notifications on your Display:

Phone Battery Notification Glance
Low Battery Low_Battery_Glance.jpg
Extremely Low Battery Extremely_Low_Battery_Glance.jpg



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