Glances are small previews of messages, notifications, calls, trips, and activities on the Navdy Display.  They show you that there is an action you could take but allow you to still see navigation, map, and dash.  

Note: By default, glances are disabled.  This allows new users to become acclimated to the basic features of Navdy before they use more advanced features like Glances.

Controlling Glances with gestures  

Most lances allow you to read more information about the glance by swiping left or selecting read.  You can swipe right to close an extended glance, or to hide a glance.  If a glance is hidden a dot will be shown on the right side of the Display and swiping left will bring it back out.

Multiple glances

If you have more than one glance, they are stacked in the UI.  You can read a glance, which will open up the extended view of the glance. Scroll to continue to the next or previous glances.  You can remove individual glances by selecting Dismiss or Done from the glance.  

You can dismiss all of the glances at once by scrolling to the end of the list, and selecting Dismiss glance(s).


Glances from your phone

The most common glances are those from your phone.  You can enable them using the Glances tab in the Navdy app on your phone.  Once enabled, you will have the option to choose how they will be previewed on the Display.  They can be read aloud, displayed as text, or both.  Audio plays through speakers in your phone or car.


Driving glances:

  • Calendar - Tells you when there is an upcoming appointment
  • Fuel - Tells you when your fuel is low and suggest a gas station
  • Now playing
  • Calls - Prompts you to answer/ignore incoming calls
  • Traffic - Suggests faster routes and lets you know if traffic conditions change

App glances:

  • Messages
  • Hangouts
  • Messenger
  • WhatsApp
  • Twitter
  • Gmail
  • Inbox
  • Mail
  • Facebook

App notifications allow you to view notifications from any app on your phone on the Navdy Display.  

Note: On iOS you will only see notifications that are received while connected to the Display.


Incoming call

When you receive a call you will see a full screen prompt with the caller’s name, number and photo.  You can select answer or ignore using the dial, or swipe left to answer and swipe right to ignore.


Active call glance

When you’re on a call, the glance allows you to mute (iOs only) or end the call.


Messages / Hangouts

Glances from Messages (iOS) or Hangouts (Android) give you the option to reply.  Selecting reply will open up the contact picker where you can call, share your trip, or send a message.


Now playing glance

When a track changes the now playing glance opens with music controls.  You can browse more music (if supported), go to the previous track, play/pause, or skip the next track.  If you press and hold on previous or next the track will scrub backward or forward.  


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