Reading the Navdy Display

The Navdy display shows detailed maps, turn-by-turn directions, and current traffic levels. Navdy includes a built-in GPS and we use information from HERE maps, so you always have an accurate view of your route.


Device Status Indicators

If your phone and/or dial isn't connected to Navdy, your display will notify with an icon and message:

  • Disconnected Dial
  • Dial Low Battery
  • Dial Severely Low Battery
  • Phone Low Battery
  • Phone Severely Low Battery
  • Network Disconnected


Traffic Color Codes


Your route will change colors depending on traffic levels.

  • Gray - no traffic data
  • Green - clear traffic
  • Orange - moderate traffic
  • Red - heavy traffic
  • Blue - on route


Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA)


During an active trip we'll show your estimated time of arrival. This includes:

  • the time you'll arrive at your destination
  • how long it'll take you to get there



We utilize Navdy's built-in GPS to determine your speed in either:

  • Miles per hour (MPH)
  • Kilometers per hour (KPH)


Turn By Turn Instructions


During an active trip we'll highlight the next steps on your route. These turn-by-turn instructions are listed at the bottom of the display and include:

  • distance to upcoming turn
  • direction for upcoming turn
  • detailed route description




When Glances is enabled, Navdy shows information from your phone on the display related to:

  • Calls
  • Messages
  • Music
  • Brightness
  • Siri or Google Now
  • Traffic updates
  • Temperature warnings
  • Dial notifications
  • App notifications


Map Options 

Map options let you:

  • End and cancel your trip
  • Enable or disable traffic information
  • Mute or turn on turn-by-turn instructions
  • Manual Zoom
  • Report an issue



View and control Navdy's features from the Main Menu, all while your eyes remain on the road.

  • Use Navdy Dash
  • View the Map
  • Place search
  • See Favorite and recently visited Places
  • See Favorite and Recent Contacts
  • Control your music
  • Command Siri® or Google Now
  • Map Options
  • Dash options
  • Adjust your settings


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