Reading the Navdy Display

The Navdy display shows detailed maps, turn-by-turn directions, and current traffic levels. Navdy includes a built-in GPS and we use information from HERE maps, so you always have an accurate view of your route.


Device Status Indicators

If your phone and/or dial isn't connected to Navdy, your display will notify with an icon and message:

  • Disconnected Dial
  • Dial Low Battery
  • Dial Severely Low Battery
  • Phone Low Battery
  • Phone Severely Low Battery
  • Network Disconnected


Traffic Color Codes


Your route will change colors depending on traffic levels.

  • Gray - no traffic data
  • Green - clear traffic
  • Orange - moderate traffic
  • Red - heavy traffic
  • Blue - on route


Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA)


During an active trip we'll show your estimated time of arrival. This includes:

  • the time you'll arrive at your destination
  • how long it'll take you to get there



Navdy reads your car's speed through the OBD-II connection and presents your speed in either:

  • Miles per hour (MPH)
  • Kilometers per hour (KPH)

Tip: If Navdy cannot read the vehicle's speed through the OBD-II port Navdy will present the speed from its built-in GPS. If Navdy has no GPS signal we'll present the speed from your connected phone's GPS.


Turn By Turn Instructions


During an active trip we'll highlight the next steps on your route. These turn-by-turn instructions are listed at the bottom of the display and include:

  • distance to upcoming turn
  • direction for upcoming turn
  • detailed route description




When Glances is enabled, Navdy shows information from your phone on the display related to:

  • Calls
  • Messages
  • Music
  • Brightness
  • Siri or Google Now
  • Traffic updates
  • Temperature warnings
  • Dial notifications
  • App notifications


Map Options 

Map options let you:

  • End and cancel your trip
  • Enable or disable traffic information
  • Mute or turn on turn-by-turn instructions
  • Manual Zoom
  • Report an issue



View and control Navdy's features from the Main Menu, all while your eyes remain on the road.

  • Use Navdy Dash
  • View the Map
  • Place search
  • See Favorite and recently visited Places
  • See Favorite and Recent Contacts
  • Control your music
  • Command Siri® or Google Now
  • Map Options
  • Dash options
  • Adjust your settings


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