Music Browsing on iOS

Navdy supports the ability to browse tracks in your Apple Music Library and downloaded podcasts on your display while driving. To try it out, complete the initial setup instructions, navigate to Music from the menu on your Display, and then browse through your Library’s albums, artists, playlists, and podcasts.


Initial Setup Instructions

  1. Make sure you’re using the the latest Navdy app and Display versions.  See here for instructions on upgrading.
  2. Launch your Navdy app.
  3. If this is the first time you’re using the new version, you’ll be prompted to provide Media Library Access. Select Allow
  4. Sync music to your phone using Apple iTunes on your computer, the iTunes Store app on your iPhone, or by adding songs to your Library within your Apple Music app.


Browsing through Music on your Navdy Display

  1. Select Music from the menu on the Display. We’ll present a list of sources (Apple Music and Apple Podcasts). Select a source.
  2. Within Apple Music you can select albums, playlists, and artists. Albums are sorted alphabetically, and if you scroll quickly through the list you’ll be able to easily select the letter of the album you’re looking for to jump through a long list. You can scroll up to ‘back’ to move back up in the menu.
  3. Select a song to start playback, or select Shuffle play to start playing the selected album or playlist in a random order. Either will start playing music and dismiss the Music app.
  4. You can close the Music app by scrolling up to the Close option, by double tapping the dial button, or by swiping right.  


Controlling Music Playback on your Navdy Display

Double-tap the dial to quickly gain access to music and playback controls. Tapping on the music icon on the bottom left, will navigate you back to the music menu where the track was initially played.


Content Types that are Available to the Navdy Display

The following content is available to be browsed from the Navdy Display:

  1. Music purchased using iTunes that is downloaded onto your phone.
  2. Music you have transferred from your computer onto your phone using iTunes.
  3. If you are an Apple Music subscriber, any songs, albums, or playlists that have you have saved in your Apple Music Library are available while driving. If the songs haven’t been downloaded, they can still be played, but this requires an internet connection on your phone.
  4. Podcasts that have been downloaded using the Apple Podcasts app.


More Questions? 

See here for more details on playing and controlling music with Navdy.

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