Navdy's Vertical Menus

Menu content is now organized vertically for faster and safer menu navigation while you’re driving.  


Initial Setup Instructions

  • Make sure you’re using the the latest Navdy app and Display versions.  See here for instructions on upgrading.


Using the New Menu System

Closing The Menu & Returning Within the Menu

  1. Tap your dial to view the Main Menu
  2. Tap any menu option to view and select its contents
  3. From any sub-menu, return to the previous menu by scrolling to the top and selecting the “Back" function
  4. To quickly close the entire menu system, scroll your Dial upwards quickly, and you will notice the “Close” function

Switching Between Map & Dash Mode

  1. Tap the dial
  2. Scroll to and select either Map or Dash within the menu

Ending/Cancelling An Active Trip

  1. Tap the Dial once
  2. Scroll upwards slowly and tap “Trip Options.”
  3. Select the option to end your trip

Access Currently Playing Music

  1. Scroll your Dial upwards slowly and you will find the music that is currently playing.
  2. Tap it to open the music control glance.


! It is not possible to revert to horizontal menus once you've updated to version 1.1 or newer.

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