Download Navdy's Beta

Your feedback has been paramount to our success and we'd love to show you our latest features and improvements. If you want to be at the forefront of driving here's how to download our beta:


Download Navdy's Beta

  1. Open the Navdy app on your phone
  2. Enter Settings within the app; tap on Navdy Display
  3. Toggle on Download Beta Versions
  4. Power on Navdy and connect your Navdy app to Navdy. Once connected the app will automatically transfer the beta version over to Navdy. This transfer may take 30-60 minutes and can take place over numerous drives/connections (i.e. you don't have to do it in one session/connection).
  5. After the transfer is successful use the dial to enter Navdy's settings and select Install Update
  6. After the update takes place enter Navdy's settings again and select Update Dial (if available)


Gain Access To Navdy's Beta App

To get the best experience we recommend downloading our companion beta app on your phone. Below are steps to download or gain access to our beta app.


For Android Phone

  1. Navigate to on your Android phone
  2. Proceed through the flow within the URL to download our beta app


For iPhone 




After completion of this form we’ll provide you with access within 24 hours.Don't worry, you can still use the beta version of Navdy with the App Store version of our Navdy app. Once beta access is provided you'll receive an email from TestFlight. Perform the following steps to download/install the iOS beta app on your iPhone, after receiving this email:

  1. Open the App Store on your iPhone; search for and download TestFlight
  2. Open the email you received from TestFlight on your iPhone
  3. Within the email select the option to open Navdy in TestFlight
  4. Download/install Navdy from TestFlight following the redirect from the previous email.

Tip: You can continue to use the original version of the Navdy app on your iPhone with the beta version of Navdy until the beta app is provided.

As always, should you have any questions about this process or your use of Navdy feel free to contact us.



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